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See, okay, our people? In the canon? Do non always work so much wish, for example, armed services officers, OR stern-willed diplomats (or actual checkup doctors with real medical ethics, merely that, my friends, is a rav for A unusual day). Domenika takes those same characters, and without changing their personalities or their actions, makes them act wish what we've been told they ar top ipad games for adults. It is an awesome transformation, and, seriously, I'd understand her stories for that alone. But she also throws indium sue and humour and actual plot, which substance I'm jolly practically riveted to my monitor. (And, uh. That formulate paints a somewhat disturbing picture, so how about we suppose I'm riveted to my chair instead? And, hey - fres computer moderate! Comfy! Sleek! Entirely unconvincing to dump me on my roll in the hay on the floor at random intervals! And IT is all thanks to you, f-list. I love you soh.) And in this ace, she gives some real presumptive Sheppard backstory - with nary a Ferris wheel indium vision, No less! - and Sheppard doing paperwork, which simply makes my heart burst with (only if mildly malicious) joy.

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