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The finish of this study was to compare video recording game addicts to healthy controls that ar matched along age, rush, gender, and marital position on measures of physical, social, unhealthy, and feeling health recommended by the National Institute of Mental Health, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the World Health Organization. This study wish also assess comorbidity 'tween IGD video recording game dependency, content use, and other online addictions. Previous researchers have shown high comorbidity between substance dependency and addictions to strange substances ( Dani and Harris, 2005), gambling habituation and tobacco plant employ ( McGrath and Barrett, 2009), and gambling dependance and message utilize and pervert ( Lorains et al., 2011), and the comorbidity 'tween addiction and psychiatric disorders ( Kessler et atomic number 13., star butterfly games 2008; Stein et atomic number 13., 2001). However, few researchers take examined video game habituation and potentiality comorbidity with substance employ, gambling, and internet pornography utilize. Methods

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